More and More Stores Go Bag-less in Brooklyn

by admin on March 20, 2010

by Brooklyn Eagle (, published online 03-17-2010

Bring Your Own Bag’ Gets Mixed Reception

By Jonathan Balthaser
Special to Brooklyn Daily Eagle

BROOKLYN — Loretta Gendville didn’t want to become a bag lady.

But a law enacted last year required Gendville, owner of Brooklyn’s Area chain of children’s stores, to put out large containers to collect and recycle plastic bags. So the reluctant bag gatherer recently took a drastic step: she eliminated bags altogether.

“At first, my staff was really freaked out about the policy,” Gendville said. “The customers were hating it. Some people e-mailed me that they would stop shopping at my store entirely. But now most people know, and there are a lot of customers who are really into it.”

The Park Slope Food Coop announced its bag-less policy three years ago, and big box stores like Costco have required customers to carry out their own goods for years. However, only in recent months have a growing number of smaller stores latched onto the eco-friendly trend.

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