Greeley couple finds unique use for plastic bags

by admin on March 15, 2010

Matt Clough Adam Chodak
9 News, Denver, Colorado

GREELEY- The numbers are staggering: as many as 500 billion plastic bags are used every year. We all have them lying around the house, not quite sure what to do with them. That’s where Russell and Carolyn Marvin have us all beat.

The Greeley couple has come up with a unique way to recycle those bags.

Russell Marvin suffers from severe osteoporosis which prevents him from working as a certified nursing assistant.

“I’ve got a stress fracture in the lower spine,” Russell told us. “And walking or bending or doing much of anything is extremely painful.”

But he can sit quietly in his overstuffed chair and crochet. And while there is nothing unique in that, the material he uses is: those pesky grocery bags.

“I’ve made all kinds of things” Russell said.

Carolyn cuts the bags into half inch wide strips, chains them together, rolls them into balls, and voila… yards of “yarn.”

Russell has enough of the plastic “yarn” to crochet just about anything you’d care to have. He’s made purses, hats, backpacks, duffle bags, bottle holders, shower caddies, and even diaper bags.

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