Walmart Making New Pizza Boxes From Old Cardboard

by admin on December 21, 2009

By Jace Shoemaker-Galloway | December 21st, 2009

As part of its effort to reduce, recycle or reuse everything that comes into U.S. operations by 2025, Walmart has several sustainable goals for the future.

One goal includes recycling corrugated cardboard waste into private-label take-and-bake pizza boxes.  Cardboard waste is gathered and transported to Indiana’s Pratt Industries box plant where it is then recycled into Walmart pizza boxes.

The recycling measure is expected to divert 8,600 tons of cardboard waste from landfills.  Approximately 125,000 trees will also be spared by recycling the corrugated cardboard.  The innovative approach is one such way to close the loop on waste, help the environment and reduce resources as well as costs.

To read about their “Zero Waste Initiative” click here.

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